By Mfon Udoema

A church leader must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall.

1 Timothy 3:6 NLT

The pastor must not be a new Christian because he might be proud of being chosen so soon, and pride comes before a fall. (Satan’s downfall is an example.)

1 Timothy 3:6 TLB

A leader of the church must not be someone who has believed in Christ for only a short time. Someone like that might boast that he is great and important. Then he would receive punishment, as the Devil did.

1 Timothy 3:6 EASY


I saw this trending news of popular Nollywood actor, content creator and politician, Yul Edochie about to launch a ministry, starting with an 'e-Church', which I believe may later metamorphose into a physical gathering.

Normally, I don't respond to every trending topic. However, this is a very sensitive issue in the Body of Christ in Nigeria.

The following spiritual truths are sacrosanct and incontrovertible:

- The gifts and the callings of God are without repentance

- Not many noble, not many mighty and not many wise, are called.

- It is at the prerogative of God's grace and mercy that people are called into ministry.

However, a call into ministry is not equivalent to an immediate foray or launch into ministry.

Apostle Paul told Pastor Timothy in 1 Timothy 3:6 and also told Pastor Titus in Titus 1:9 that new believers should not become Church leaders. They should spend time and be groomed, pruned and processed before they take up leadership role in the church.

History keeps repeating itself. 

Some years ago in Nigeria, a revival and outpouring swept through Nollywood, the movie industry of Nigeria. In this revival, so many got born again and openly confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour and their salvation and conversion stories adorned the front page of national dailies.

However, in a matter of months and without any form of discipleship, training or tutelage from anywhere, several of them became Church and ministry founders. Unfortunately, several fathers of faith made the mistake of endorsing them and they were treated as 'senior ministers' and some were treated as elders in the faith because of their physical ages. They were given big platforms, churches, crusades and conventions to minister, when in essence, they should have been kept in Believers Foundation Classes to grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Several among that set, without any disrespect to any, where: Pastor Larry Koldsweat, Pastor Zach Orji, Apostle Eucharia Anuobi, Evang. Liz Benson, Pastor Charles Okafor, Pastor Obot Etuk, Evang. Patience Ozokwor, among so many others. Unfortunately, most of the Churches that were founded by these thespians have closed, and several are no longer in ministry.

Yul Edochie getting born again is a great news but launching a ministry at this time is not a great news. Let him locate a good Bible Teaching Church and serve as a member, go through the Believers Foundation School up till the Leadership Class or Bible School and get ordained into the ministry.

Jesus Christ, even though He was God manifested in the flesh, humbled himself and allowed John the Baptist to officially launch him into the ministry.

Apostle Peter was trained by Jesus Christ for 3 years before he was launched into the ministry.  He served as a disciple for 3 years before he became an Apostle. He went for missions, did evangelism, coordinated the sharing of food in 2 crusades and did several prayer retreats before he became a full Apostle.

Apostle Paul had a dramatic call into ministry. However, they were human inputs in his life before he entered the fullness of his apostolic ministry. Ananias prayed for him to receive his sight and told him about his ministry; Barnabas introduced him to the Apostolic Council of the Church. He served in the church and the Apostolic Council ordained him and released him and Barnabas to go and start their ministry.

Every New Testament Ministry today must follow the stellar examples of Jesus Christ, Peter and Paul.

What is Yul Edochie's salvation story?

Where did he serve?

Who nurtured him?

How solid is he in doctrine?

Who commissioned or ordained him into ministry?

Let everything be done decently and in order.

Mfon Udoema

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