Church Gist: How Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor Met


It is no more news that Evangelist Lawrence oyor will get married soon.

Although we have worked on knowing exactly how this happened but there are speculations going on that they Got to meet firstly during the record of the Mount Zion Movie production tagged "The Train"

Lawrence oyor was featured in the Cover audio of the movie, this was the first move probably, by speculations.


Darasimi and Ella invited Lawrence Oyor to their True Talk Show as a guest in one of their episodes last year. I watched the video particularly when they dropped it last year and I sense that there was something fishing but I wasn’t convinced enough at that time but I knew a time like this will come when Darasimi will finally be hooked up with a God fearing Handsome Man but never knew it would happen so fast and the person will be Lawrence Oyor

You can watch the video here

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