Daily devotional: truth the power of information




John 8:32

   After God created man, the first thing He did was to bless him, and give man information. (Gen 1:28-29). God said be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth, subdue it; have dominion over the fish... See, I have given you every herb..." This was in line with His predetermined plan for man in vs 26, when He said "let us make man... And let them have dominion..." Vs26 captured God's plan for man, and in vs28-29, simply by blessing man, and giving him information about who God had preplanned him to be, man received power and became all of that. The power of information! So man began to function in power and dominion and might, simply because God had told him so.  Pause, Answer this question to yourself... How old are you?...... You just gave yourself an answer you believe is correct. Now you weren't aware of the day you were born. You probably do not even know the doctor or hospital you were born in, except that you were told. You were told you were a certain age, and you believed it, so you function by it. And though you have no way to prove it, it has defined who you are. The power of information! 

   A greater percentage of the world population didn't have evidence of the virus when they went into a lockdown. They didn't! They were only told there's a killer virus, and they were told the same set of things to do. The world believed because of the fear of death, and the entire world was made to function in the same way at the same time simply because they received information. They had been told! When Adam began to misbehave, contrary to who God had told him he is, God asked him a question, "who told you that...?" (Gen3:11) because God knew that the kind of information you've been told determines who you'll be. Yes, the information you receive and believe determines how you'll function. Who has been telling you? Who have you chosen to believe? Remain on the word, we'll continue tomorrow. You're blessed. - TCF

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