Just in case you are tired of the annointing... There is a location where It can be trimmed 

Just Incase hell is your target.. there is a place where that cut can be given to you..

The oil on your head is bigger than you can imagine..but can be smaller than you never imagined once you are barbed.

This is a place where the calling of God on a man's life is trimmed, shaved and blown off.

In this salon, they don't Barb you to fit, they bard it all out.

Do you know what they Barb?

They Barb the annointing!

The annointing is the strength of a called man and for that man to remain strong he must maintain the Concecrations on his head.

Why are these barbers so interested in the head of the annointed?

In the time of John..Salome requested his head

In the time of Samson ... Delilah went for the hair.

After taking your hair cut here, except by the mercy of God, it takes long to grow back the hair. 

On few occasions, you may get back the hair but by then your sight has been punctured by the Philistines and your freedom tied by the pillar.

This salon is located at a place called "The laps of the Strange woman" 

The annointing is not compatible with the laps of the Strange woman!

Just Incase your head is still on the laps, it's not too late to stand up.

Beloved, Leave the laps of that sis.. to avoid lapses!

If we must last.. we must avoid this salon.

Because, Once there is no annointing... The man becomes an annoying thing.

So help us God!


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© Peculiar Emmanuel 


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