ARTICLE: M.O.G TOAST THAT BABE! _Peculiar Emmanuel


Running around telling us that you have someone you are eyeing but can't approach her is not an achievment

What if I tell you that some of us are the reason our kingdom sisters end up marrying wrong men outside the kingdom scope...

Time that you are supposed to "Toast Away" you didn't, now she is "Tossed away"

God told you and you've seen the need to settle down Why then are you meeting me to help you collect sis Angelina number?..

You told us that there is nothing the devil can do to you, that you fear nothing.. but this one is sis Angelina and your leg is shaking in fear when she is passing...She hold gun?

Who sat Adam down to teach him how to toast?

There was only one woman o, but immediately he woke up baba drop lines "This is the bone of my bone"

And you are there expecting to do "Shabalaba" and she will park into your home.


I'm talking to responsible kingdom men that need to settle for Kingsom advancement...not all these irresponsible ones jumping from one babe to the other.

You have the word of God ...Your mouth is the Toasting machine and as for the bread... You know what to do to the untoasted.

How can a full grown moG be begging me to help him tell a sister that she is fine...wetin be that?

You write a note in paper and you are begging me to put it in her bag.. awwn, nursery 2 kids.

Just like Adam, if you are sure she is the one..  TOAST!

it's not me, you and her that will be on the wedding banner tomorrow.

Cos.. next time you meet me to help you with someone number.. me and you will do "I'm not the Groom.. I'm the one that throw heaavy stone on the head of the Groom" 🤣

© Peculiar Emmanuel


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