Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche 

Don't spend everything.

 In case you're asking, "what do I do?" We would come to that shortly but you don't spend everything. Proverbs 21:20. It's only fools that spend everything. There's always a reserve in the dwelling of the wisdom, there's something left aside. Whether it is left aside for reinvestment or left aside for any other reason but there's something left aside, no matter how little. Deuteronomy 28:8. The blessing of God is looking for your storehouse. I tell people, I say, "the mystery of the reserve, reserve does not mean that you have so much so you have to put something aside" No. In fact, you can start when you have not much. There are many reasons for a reserve. First, it is a Faith principle that a time would come where I would have enough to put something aside. So, you're starting now. It's a Faith principle. Also, it is obedience of Divine commandment. Deuteronomy 28:8 Also, it is a strategy against wastefulness because money is wasted when it's not given assignment. Money that is hanging anywhere is soon lost. I'm going to tell you now with what you're going to do with what you're putting aside. These are all Scriptures and Kingdom principles. When you think about government having a strategic reserve or any organization, these are all Scriptural principles. Most of the things that are successful on the earth have their roots in Scriptures because Scripture is the basis of civilization. 

Expenditure is not the purpose of money, investment is the purpose of money. You invest money and expend from dividends or profits. What I call mother money or investment. There are many people, like I said before, when money hits their hand, the first thing that comes to their mind is what to buy. Sometime ago, I talked on the Joseph Principle. Let me refer back to it again. So, when there was famine in the land, the people would sell their cows and give it to Joseph and Joseph would give them food to eat. They would sell their cows, donkeys and everything and the more they kept on getting what to eat, the more they kept on in scarcity. So, one day they all came to Joseph, Genesis 47:19-21, 23-25. All the while, they had been looking for what to eat, their scarcity continued but when Joseph eventually bought the whole land, he decided to teach them a secret. He said, "now, here's seed for you. This is not expenditure money, it's investment money. I am not going to continue giving you what to eat, I want to give you what to sow so you can have a future". Genesis 47:23-25. That is, the returns that enter your hands, you're not even thinking of what to buy with it, you're still going to reinvest out of it before you think of food. There are people now who would say, "okay, I've invested. This is my return on investment, 50 million. I have been eyeing this Maybach car, let me go and buy it". Joseph said, " that is not wisdom. After you have paid your tithe (in our own case) and your tax as relevant, now, reinvest again from the returns''. So, it becomes a chain that is endless, poverty and scarcity can't know your address. He's saying don't meet your needs from your seeds, meet your needs from your returns. I think you see why people are suffering and in scarcity and shortage? You see why somebody became a big man overnight and tomorrow he's looking for money. You have to keep the cycle going. "Here's seed, go and sow your land". The harvest came, the first thing to do is not food yet, you have done your covenant obligations and other obligations, the next thing to do is reinvest and re-sow the seed, then out of the balance, you can then think of food for yourself, your household and think of any other thing. The reason why people are saying, "they asked me to pay tithe, I pay tithe and there's no result" is this kind of reason. They told us how to pay the tithe but they didn't tell us what to do with the money and many people don't have the wisdom on their own to know what to do, so they say, "I am tithing, I am giving, nothing is happening" and God is saying, "my blessing is looking for your storehouse and I don't bless bad managers, I bless good managers".

Source: Church Gist


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