Love, Light and Life

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just as I please everyone in all things [as much as possible adapting myself to the interests of others], not seeking my own benefit but that of the many, so that they [will be open to the message of salvation and] may be saved. 1 Corinthians 10:33 AMP

Learning to build networks with various people is a very important skill. What does it mean to build networks? It means to learn to relate with people irrespective of personal, cultural, social (or any other) differences, with the intent of bringing out the most desired value from such relationships.

This is the art of learning to relate with people rationally, with love, and respect, learning to accommodate who they are, without becoming what they are, with the intent the what you are will rub off on them, or with the intent that by working with them, value that is beneficial to the world can be produced.

If you're going to make impact across multiethnic and global groups, you cannot possibly do it very effectively without learning to build tangible networks with people who might be different from you. One thing to bear in mind is this, everyone isn't from your background.

Everyone hasn't learned life the way you have. And everyone does not think exactly as you do. If you must be right before you get along with someone, you'll must likely be a local champion. Learning to accommodate the differences of others, while still maintaining who you are, and pursuing your goal will make a lot of positive difference.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for the fruit of love, and  respect in me. Help me Lord to walk in wisdom with others, to maximize the value and purpose of building networks in Jesus name. Amen

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