_Dear Mother;_

If I could live my life once again, I would still want you to be my mother.

I cannot describe in words what you mean to me. Thanks for always being there for me.

My dearest mommy, I love you very much. I can’t ever be thankful enough to you. You are part of the reasons for my smile and happiness. 

No one can ever replace you, not now and in the next million years to come. I love you, Mom.

You’re the sweetest mom ever. Thanks for your care and the support you do for us every day.

In my heart, you are Number 0ne.

Having you as my mother is a big strength in my life. Every time I feel like the world is falling apart, you give me the assurance that you will catch me when I fall__ and that helps me to keep pushing.

You’re my mom 

My Friend

My Spiritual Covering 

And my first wife. 

I remember how you wrestled in prayers to birth my destiny.

I remember what I should have been negatively if you didn't fight the way you fought.

Thanks for raising me as a fantastic son. 

Thank you for standing beside me whatever it takes.

All I want to be is your little boy forever who loves sleeping in your arms.

Your ministering son, who loves preaching while you listen.

Your grown man who will always defend you and provide for you.

Not all heroes wear caps, and my real-life hero is you, mum.

I pray my wife will be a wonderful mother as you are to me.

And a wonderful wife as you are to Daddy.

Mom, you are my root, my foundation of happiness. You’re a beautiful, strong lady both inside and out. I’m proud to be your son.

I promise to live a life that will do justice to all the sacrifices you’ve made.

Your love for me is pure and if possible delicious...

Just like the addictive Cat-fish pepper soup you make for daddy.😂

Thank you, mom, for fulfilling all my dreams over the years. Your presence is a blessing in my life.

You already have my heart, Mom. What else do you need?

Tell me ... Iya Mi.

Never stop smiling, Mom. You look prettiest when you smile. I love you.

55 years is not 55 days..



Your Son: ODICHE NA BOYS (a.k.a Odiche Nwam)😁


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