Dear Young one,

As a Christian, you deserve and are expected to be in a godly relationship and not a worldly one.

We know that anything called godly simply means "God's path, God's way" right?

Light and darkness have no business together. 

It's either you are in a godly relationship or you are in an ungodly relationship. There is no sitting on the fence when it comes to this!

        Being in a godly relationship means you have to follow the path that God set for you, and Sexual Purity is one of them. 

*Sexual Purity*

Sexual purity means abstaining from intercourse until marriage, but that is not all it means.

Being sexually pure means not even dwelling on thoughts, or ideas of sex with someone other than a spouse.

     Until you are married, sexual purity means saying no to sexual intercourse, oral sex, and even sexual touching. 

It means saying no to a physical relationship that causes you to be "turned on" sexually. 

It means not looking at pornography or pictures that feed sexual thoughts. Sexual Purity deals with the body and mind.Truly God designed sex for our good and enjoyment. He made us sexual beings but then he did give us a clear time for sex which is after marriage. 

     God said a man and a woman shall become one in marriage and sex is part of what makes them become one. Therefore, becoming one with someone who you are not married to is a big sin before God. No matter the amount of confirmation and convictions you've gotten in your relationship so far, if you are not married, anything sex between you two is called fornication. 

      The Bible says your body is the temple of God. So, exploring any form of sexual activity has made you impure before God.One more thing is that the marriage bed must be undefiled.

*How to Stay Sexually pure in your Relationship*

📌 You've got to have a genuine reason why you want to be sexually pure.

Is it because of God's word or just because you don't want an unwanted pregnancy or sexual disease?

Try also to know your partner's reason(s) too.

📌 Set your standard. 

Having known your reason, make it your standard. 

Let people know you for it. Practice it, live it and teach it. Don't ever compromise. 

Add determination to your standard. Be determined that this is it and nothing will or should change it.

📌 Talk about it with your partner.

Try to know what your partner's beliefs are about sexual purity. If he doesn't support it, please speak to your legs. 

You can't be with someone who claimed to be a Christian but doesn't believe in sexual purity. Can two walk together except they agree? NO.

📌 Avoid TV shows, and movies, that will expose you or trigger your sexual hormones thereby making you do things you shouldn't do.

📌 Set boundaries between you and your partner

In terms of where to meet, make sure it's not a lonely dark place. Let your meeting be in the daytime. Don't even try going to their house alone.

     If kissing, cuddling and hugging will turn on your sexual huge then you will need to do away with it. 

If you want to watch a movie together please go to a cinema and not their house.

📌 Be careful with what you wear and the way you dress in general, especially the ladies. Dress decently, dress moderately, dress godly.

📌 You both should have a spiritual mentor to that you will be accountable. Not online mentors. This should be Mentors that you know, those you have a relationship with, those you can call and go to anytime for advice, those who are aware of your relationship and will continue checking up on you, and those you respect and can obey.Godly mentors, that can open up to you, share their experiences with you, pray for you and pray with you.

📌 Finally, Allow Jesus into a relationship.

He is the one who can keep one from falling (Jude 24).

Pray, read the Word, go to church, find your purpose, live for it, and engage in things of the kingdom. Be busy for God, involve Him in everything and think about Him in all things. 

Sexual Purity is God's standard for every godly relationship.Sexual Purity is a forever thing both for singles and married because it is an issue of the mind and flesh.Sexual Purity is possible if you will do the right thing.


©️ Victoria Ojo

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