ARTICLE: WHAT REVIVAL IS NOT _ Pastor Peculiar Emmanuel



I have seen a manipulation, a falsification that is bound to spread if Truth is not amplified.

I see a lot of people shout about Revival

Yet nothing is Revived about them.

There are many things we call revival today which is sponsored by Rivalry and not actions from Calvary.

Revival is not mainly about Billboards 

Revival is The Gospel spreading on board and abroad.

Revival is not in the number of programs hosted

Revival is in the many times God was hosted.

Revival is not clean pictures with strange prayer posture

Revival is clean hearts  growing in God's stated stature

Revival is not mainly in how long you prayed to God

Revival is in how well you got intimate with God

Revival is not in the loudness of voice

Revival is in the pureness of heart. 

Revival is not about stage lights 

Revival is in Jesus being preached and souls catching the light.

Revival is not in noise making

Revival is God Seeking. 

Revival is not in calling of Phone numbers

Revival is in a people being called and numbered unto God.

Revival is not in the dexterity of Tittles

But in true authenticity of mantles.

Revival is not in fine sound and sweet words

Revival is in Great signs and lit wonders.

Revival is simply Jesus seen on the streets in the life of men.

Matt 5:8: Blessed are the Pure in heart for they shall SEE GOD.

and we know that "No man sees God and lives"_Ex 33:20

When true Revival comes(seeing God)... "Death" is inevitable.

| Selah

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