The Destroyer!


The Destroyer!

What is a destroyer? 

A destroyer is anything or anyone that is set to render useless that which has been built over time.

Anger is one of the emotional feelings that has been part of human life.
It is a strong emotion that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance.
Anger is the fastest destroyer ever.
It fits perfectly into the illustration which says “It is easier to destroy than to build”.

What is the scene like?
I can’t just imagine watching the scene where someone angry would pick up a file containing certificates, testimonials and other important documents and then set them on fire and within seconds they are gone.

What! Certificates that took someone years of dedication, commitment and Consistency to attain were being set ablaze within seconds? 

What can bring about such a disastrous reaction if not for anger?

Anger had destroyed relationships, homes, careers and beautiful things which took some set of people years of labour to build.

It's as bad as that!

Does everyone get angry?
At one point in time, we all have been set to provocation by knowing or unknowing intentions from people around us. 

However, something marks a difference between he who is angered to danger and he who never allows his anger to draw him closer to that destination of danger/damnation.

Causes of anger
There are many causes of anger ranging from the betrayal of trust, friendship, disregard, striving, loss, jealousy, envy, rejection and the like.

Yes, the pain from the betrayal, loneliness or loss of trust can be so excruciating thereby leading to provocation.
The feeling of being abandoned or rejected can also lead to provocation but the advice is that you shouldn’t allow that emotion (anger) which can destroy that which has been built for years within a twinkle of an eye to take the better part of you.

Step forward
It's very possible to be angry as an emotional being.
However, Ephesians 4:26 gave the antidote, "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:"

The step forward is that you shouldn’t allow the pain of yesterday to become your fury today.

The perception of yesterday will determine your action today.
Your actions today will determine the reactions of tomorrow.
The perception of the past birth the actions of the present and the actions of the present birth the reaction of the future.

Anger will destroy so many things before someone will realize that many have been destroyed and by then it might be too late. Hence, it will end in self-pity or regret.

What is the way out?

You are the way out.
You should be the one controlling your feelings and it shouldn’t be the other way around. You are the driver of that vehicle of your feelings.
Abort them instead of nurturing them.
Eliminate those negative feelings instead of pampering them.
They do more harm than good as they have destroyed homes, businesses, relationships, friendships and even careers that took years to be built.
Your heart should obliterate any feeling of anger just as soon as it is developed.

Steps forward
A- Allow not yourself to be an instrument of provocation
N- Never counts on your past injuries.
G- Give your maximum effort into forgiving and forgetting the sources or causes of the pangs.
E- Exercise your heart towards positive thoughts
R- Radiate values to others too.

Funny as the above may look one of the strategies in life is to bring out solutions to problems.
Let those pains be what drives you away from that “D” that needed to be added to anger to make it become a danger.

Anger will destroy everything, solve nothing and leave something shaky.
It is up to us to either allow this mere emotion to make us or mar us.
Above all, allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide, comforter and helper.
He can restrain and help you live above emotions!

You are helped!

Faith Agi

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