Our transformation into being a woman after God’s own heart is indeed God’s work. But what I offer here are the disciplines we can follow to place ourselves before God—disciplines regarding our devotional life, our personal growth, our home, our marriage and family, and our ministry—so that He can do that work in our heart. 

You’ll find practical insights about what it means to follow God in every area of life, insights about nurturing an impassioned relationship with God, experiencing personal growth, caring for your home, loving your husband, enjoying your children, and giving to others. 

The journey is an exciting one, and you’ll find much joy along the way. So I welcome you to join me as each of us seeks to be the woman God calls us…and will empower us…to be, a woman after His own heart.

It’s wonderful being a woman after God’s own heart, isn’t it? To know Him. To love Him. To enrich the lives of others. To follow Him…and to enjoy the blessings He extends to us when we do. No woman’s life could be more satisfying than the life enjoyed by a woman after His own heart, a woman whose heart’s desire is to do God’s will (Acts 13:22)! May God richly bless you and yours as you continue to follow after Him.

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