“Yes, you don’t feel like but you have to do it anyways…

You don’t have to feel like praying before you pray.

You don’t need to feel like reading before you do and lots more…

We all have the “I don’t feel like” moments.

Those times when there are no vibes, morale is low, we aren’t in the mood and all sorts of.

Yes, this could be due to several factors and it’s not bad on its own.

However, feelings as good as they were, could be deceptive and we may sometimes get little or nothing done when we choose to always depend on them, especially in getting basic things done…

Let’s check out some practical things to do in your “I don’t feel like” moments…

1. Build convictions: Don’t just do anything for “doing” sake.

Don’t venture into any task out of excitement alone.

Have in your consciousness a solid “why”.This will keep you upstanding in your low moments.

2. Be your motivator: Learn to drink water from your cistern.

Like David, encourage yourself in the Lord.

Sometimes, a glimpse into the future( or the result of whatever you’re doing) should be able to awaken you.

A check into your small wins and past achievements should be able to stir you up not to relax yet; the profit/gain attached to it should be enough to keep you on your toes too and so on.

3. Be flexible: Sometimes all you need is just a little bend, a little change in method or a normal routine.

For example, as much as I encourage and love fellowshipping with God very early in the morning before talking to anyone or doing any other thing, there are some times that a little stretch is needed to get the body in order. It could be a cup of beverage, a little stroll or prayer walk, a warm or cold bath, a change in posture, location, a minor task and so on.

Sometimes, you just need a little break from that project. It could be just for a few minutes. Gist with that friend or listen to that song and go back to the task refreshed and fitter.

4. Be accountable: Get a spiritual peer/colleague/friend you freely relate with and can always report yourself to in those ‘lazy’ moments ( I believe spiritual oversights have much more weighty matters you’ll need them for.

However, it’s not out of place to report to them too especially when it’s getting out of control). That’s why you should surround yourself with reasonable, purposeful and spiritual friends who can gear you up.

5. Be sensitive: Know what works for you and stick to it.

If you thrive more in the day for example, twill is wrong to force yourself through the night (although we must be open to changes. We may be required to stretch beyond the usual times, and situations change too as well).

Also, know the season you are in and be willing to meet its demands at times.

To maximize and leverage your ‘high moments’ as well, intentionally get a lot of things done.

These and many more would enhance maximum productivity.

Hope it helps you?😊


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