In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. John 1:4

In the word of God was life, and the life was the light on men. This means that for a man to have light in him, is for him to have the life of the word. And for him to walk in the light, in clarity, is for him to live the life of the word. 

Therefore what if darkness? Darkness is death, if life is light. This means that men were in darkness because they didn't have life, rather they were in death. This was our state before we met Christ. But the scriptures say that death came into this world through sin.

Therefore death is the result of sin. And to deliver us from death, Christ had to break the power of sin. Freeing us from its grip and wages. He delivered us from darkness by bringing us out of sin. He brought us into life through His righteousness. 

Therefore to have life is to have righteousness. And to live life is to walk in righteousness. Because righteousness is our deliverance from sin. We are of the light. We are in the light. We are the light, therefore our lives must be lived in righteousness. Hallelujah.

Prayer: Dear Father, I thank you Lord for delivering me from death and darkness, and bringing me into life and light. I live and walk in your righteousness to the glory of your holy name. In Jesus name. Amen.

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