HEY SINGLE BELIEVER _ Allyson Hyacintho


Hey Single Believer,

You are not looking for the best prayer warrior, or the best fasting and vigil machine to marry, are you?

Your heart should be set on looking out for a spouse who can turn these spiritual weapons into a physical advantage when they are with you.

This is where many of us we miss it. This is where we get it wrong from the start, only to realise our error three months after the wedding. 

We get so easily wooed by a form of godliness that we forget to check for the fruits that these forms produces.

See, the right partner wi pray long, and also covers your weaknesses.

The right partner will fast for days and still will not joke with communicating with you.

The right partner will keep vigil and forgive your excesses when you come short.

The right partner will be kind to your parents and kind to the stranger he doesn't know in the bus.

The right partner will study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and still be understanding with your feelings.

The right partner will be keen on giving, he or she will take seeding and tithing seriously, yet still sweet enough to stop by the mall and get you gifts just to say I love you.

Don't be so easily wooed sister.

Brother, don't be so easily push to Woo at the first approach. 

That he shakes the transformer when he speaks in tongues is good, but also lookout for his ability to apologise when he errs here and there. 

It is good that she doesn't joke with fellowship, but also check to see if she has a gentle spirit that makes malice and unforgiveness impossible. 





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