Written by; Apst Victor Ogbe

I want to sincerely appreciate everyone that has been instrumental in my growth and development in God over the years. I really want to thank God Almighty for the gift of quality men who taught, nurtured and groomed me in the way of the Lord right from the cradle as a babe in Christ to this present stage of my walk with the Master. 

To my biological parents, thank you for exposing me to the ways of God early. 

I am eternally grateful for the great honour and privilege to be discipled by these great men of God over the years; Pastor Samuel Bassey of Harvest In All Nations, Apostle Arome Osayi and Rev. Donatus Ioruse of the Remnant Christian Network and Apostle Michael Orokpo of Encounter Jesus Ministries International. Your individual input to my life has made me the man I am today.

I thank God for favour, I thank God for chastisement and for the process. It has not been easy but God has been faithful. 

God on account of His mercy has found His humble servant worthy to be entrusted with this vision and has committed it to me under His authority and the body of Christ.

To my dear brothers and sisters here on this platform, i solicit your prayers and good wishes even as we trust God to make Him proud. 

I therefore want to use this opportunity to invite all my brothers and sisters, especially those of you who have requested for guidance, covering and mentorship, over the years to join me as co-labourers in carrying out this vision as the Lord has mercifully provided an official platform and spiritual legalities have been created for this operation to fully find expression. 

If the Lord is leading you to labour with me, there is a link attached and you can kindly click on it even as we take up the interaction.  

Finally, I also want to state that from  November, 2022, we will commence a prayer campaign. You are welcome to join us as we make life and power available even as we prepare to officially Inaugurate. I look forward to praying with you even as we press into our corporate destiny as a people. God bless you. It's a movement!

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