MY +1 STORY (Part 3)_ All shades of Shege_ Peculiar Emmanuel


MY +1 STORY (Part 3)_ All shades of Shege 

"They will call you"

I write to encourage that young person who is trying to be something in life and to the person who is accused or facing a challenge/addiction etc.

Have you ever wondered how few words can put a man into so much trouble? Well.. This tale is a tale of how the words "They will call you" gave birth to a rare kind of shege which was painted with different rudiments of raging sapa tendencies with a touch of Cameroon pepper.

Not forgetting the plenty mercies of God in my life this story talks about just one of the many.. 

When I wrote my last exam paper as a Mechanical engineering student of Abia State University I decided to venture into business as I saw how difficult it was to raise funds to host programs and also journey into becoming a responsible man. As God may have it I got a contract as an aggregator (one who registers & sells p.o.s) for Kudi now Nomba.. I took a loan from my parents (#150,000) to start.

The soft life that I was experiencing was suspicious to me because I've always heard motivational speakers say "when you start succeeding you will face challenges".. I searched and saw it was easy for me. My fellow aggregators were shocked at the speed, because I could sell 30 pos in 3 weeks. With the ego I decided to leave my family house to my own apartment, I started sponsoring programs, employed staffs and marketers __ home food was no longer too delicious in my mouth because of easy access to eateries ๐Ÿ˜‚

The first shade of shege all began when I came in contact with a man who I felt was a lovely customer. He bought 4 terminals from me. One night he called me that his terminal had an issue, as an aggregator who was not completely months in the business I did what I was supposed to do by dropping his contact in the rectification group in telegram. Then I told him " They will call you".. Yea, that shege carrying statement.

It was an unlucky experience that while other pos issues were resolved mine came out negative as a fraudster in the group called my customer immediately and spoke with him as though he was a customer care agent, he asked for his terminal security details and had access to his E- wallet.. Remember I told the man "They will call you"

I woke up early that morning with over 10 missed calls, I felt the man wanted another pos urgently, I called and he said "Emma, do you know I've been scammed"_ what? Of over #700,000+ .. I tried my best to prove that it wasn't me using an ally, I went to the group and I saw that they've closed it.

Nobody knew about this.. One of the days I bought wine and went to see the man at Umuahia because he wanted to teach me recharge card business not knowing it was a trap, I also had a ministration too.. Funny thing is how the Holyspirit kept telling me to be strong while I was on transit.. I didn't understand why until after. 

When I got to Umuahia I was help  up , hands chained, thrown  in a tinted car and taken to C.P.S(Central police station) Umuahia, before I could speak, slaps already landed on my face as I was called stuffs like " yahoo pastor" etc.. they took my belongings, the wine and other things.

While I sat close to the prison the number one prisoner came to the bar and we had a conversation;

Num 1: Aboy! You no go give me shortee (money) make I use calm this men down before you enter this caban?

Me: What do you mean by that sir? I'm completely innocent.

Num1: Even all of us wey dey inside here dey innocent, no wory, when you finally enter here for night men go use your Ny*sh do pepper soup

Me: I will never enter here (with raised voice)

Prisoners: Haeeeeeeeyyy (meaning: oya na, we shall see)

When I went to write statement I was given a chance to call few persons.. I called men who said they loved me, men who i knew had money and they all turned their back at me except for one man Sir Goodness Nmecha who gave me #90,000 and spoke with the officers.. Later on I called one lawyer who was a senior friend while serving as Esm(ecwa students ministry) aba zonal president (Service will help you) he came for me and helped me negotiate with the man, then we went to meet the D.P.O who said I was innocent but I have to pay.. My eye didn't see mere shege but the updated version called "shege banza*

I called my spiritual brothers an some turned me down, some didn't even check up after apart from Min Divinity who came with Vincent and Dad Uche ama Ohakah , to stand for my bail.. I call him a true brother.

You know.. I still went for that ministration and the dimension of God I saw I've not seen it uptil now again.. I took all my savings and business capital and sent #200,000 to the man as instalment for that month.

Months passed and no one knew, in fact people were billing me.

My business  crashed, things got tight.. I borrowed severally and I still had to keep paying this man from my nose to the extent that this affected my walk with God.

One of the days I decided to intentionally pray about this.. In tears.. And it dropped in my spirit " Why act like the prodigal son when you can return before it too late"

That period sorrowful instrumentals was my anthem, secular songs started making meaning to me yet I had to smile and joke with mentees, church members and family making them think things are in perfect order.

When I finally gathered the mind to tell my parents.. Hmm, They were really hurt and heart broken.. Not because I was in such a mess, but because I was in such a mess and didn't tell them.. A boy who  is not up to 25years already cleared #400,000 unknown debt... My dad said "Why didn't you tell us earlier "

Do you know that even the initial loan I took from them they said I should forget it..

I was in tears, realizing that help was standing by me all these while and I couldn't tap it because of fear, guilt and pride. My parents took up the payments and everyday I thank God I spoke up.


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are their called according to his purpose. _ROM 8:28

This is a message to that person struggling with a sin, a challenge or a load.. 

๐Ÿ’ŒCrying does not solve issues but praying does |

๐Ÿ’Œ Weeping does not wipe shame but speaking does. | 

๐Ÿ’ฌWhen a challenge comes, don't run to men first run to God first.. 


Meanwhile.. That wine I bought for the man, I drank it with one soft bread.. because..

First key to Shege management says..When shege knocks on your door, eat first!

Did this story bless you? 

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THEY WILL CALL YOU!.. the host of Heavens will. ๐Ÿ˜


Today I celebrate not just my Birthday

But I celebrate the People God used in building me

I celebrate my Family &  Biological Parents who never stooped praying.

I celebrate my mentors, priests & relatives in Christ.

I celebrate the Vision God has given to me [Fire Clan Network] and her management.

This place I am now, I won't forget you and the place I'll be tomorrow I still won't forget you. God is still helping us

©Peq 27/22 [Peculiar Emmanuel]



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  1. God will keep helping you sir. Your new age is blessed exceedingly.