🍇  There is, therefore,  no condemnation to those who are in christ Jesus. 

I am justified by faith in Jesus Christ. I am righteous, I have a clean slate, and enjoy all these benefits because I have accepted Jesus with faith into my life.    


 🍇   for sin has no dominion over me, I am not under the law but the grace. I am a free man,  yeah Jesus made me free.    *Glory*

🍇  The canal-minded body is dead,  my original design has been restored in Christ Jesus. I am a new man,  yeah Jesus made it so.  


🍇  I receive grace through my belief in the finished works of Christ.    


🍇 I have been given the authority and apex backup as a Child of God to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemies.  


🍇 I  have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear but the spirit of adoption whereby I cry abba father so, therefore, I receive the courage and boldness to face every situation am passing through knowing fully well that Jesus has got my back. 


🍇  My dear soul does not be troubled, take hold of your peace that is made available in Jesus. Do not be worried, Jesus knows you and understands you the best. you mean a lot to Him,  He will never leave you stranded,  the issues are sorted already. GLORY!

🍇 I refuse to follow the world's trends and cycles because I live above the systems of the world,  I am specifically and wonderfully created by God to meet the needs of the world, so therefore I walk in the path and purpose of God for my life. I am not confused. 


🍇 I am indeed a blessing to my generation, I live in abundance and excess,  It might not look it now but my faith in Jesus Christ with consistent hard work will do.   


  WKU seeker⚫⚫


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