Bishop David Oyedepo

It t'akes a serious approach to secure a glorious result.

Separate yourself from play boys and play girls and tell yourself, "I refuse to settle with you, I am an eagle, I refuse to be mistaken for a duck"

Life is a business, don't watch your destiny go bankrupt, begin to make adequate investment into your future. 

Don't wake up and be walking around, don't be deceived you are young. People at the age of eight, sixteen ascended throne in Israel. 

You are getting old. Wake up and stop having fun, three days can change your entire world of serious sitting down.

There is no where I am going that someone has not been there before, so help me to locate Lord, the mentors on my way that will monitor my steps to the throne. 

There is nothing new under the sun, there is no calling on my life, that someone have not received before.. When you understand this, it will help you in reaching out effectively, committedly and dedicatedly. 

As a growing up boy, when other boys were all on the street playing, I will match my way to the primary school during holidays and sit down there reading all kinds of literature to enhance my communication act because I know what ever thing you are going to do in this world, you will need to be able to communicate it effectively. 

There is no free lunch in life, ignorance is a killer disease. 

All we gather in school is literacy, we now   apply the literacy in searching for relevant information in line with our calling. The real task is outside school. 

Late Rotimi Williams was a legal legend, He had a dangerous sense of responsibility, that he was never found going up and down, here and there. He was so focused on making mark in his practice and He became the custodian of the legal  system of a whole nation because of an unusual commitment in the pursuit of his career.. THE CHOICE IS YOURS! 

Why I give testimony of vibrant believers and men testimony in the circular system is to get you angry. 

If someone that does not have an understanding of his covenant right could fly so high..why am I here? You are there were you are because you won't do what you should do


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