We live in a world where people misunderstand everything men of God says, it turns out that their word no longer edify them .

I remembered a time when a real estate company came and met me and said, sir God gave us an instruction that everywhere on earth we build an estate that we should build a house for you and it is our convenant with God, anywhere on earth, across the globe for as long as this company exist just know that anywhere we build an estate, we will definitely build a house for you. If you tell me that the power to prosper does not work, please think again.

I also remembered a company of wealthy people who came to meet me and said, Apostle God said that we should make you a non executive board member of our company, I asked them what will be my contribution to the company, they said that it is spiritual advantage, that I will represent the ark of God to our business.

I summit to you with all humility that what it takes to run one koinonia service is what many people may use for conference.  

Believe me when I tell you that every devil in hell knows that till Jesus comes , this ministry will not know poverty, it is not a prayer point but am telling you what has already happened. It will only be from glory to glory, please it is not pride.

Some people do tell me, apostle am coming from a background where nobody knows me, apostle right now am standing in debt of one billion, please my dear find rest you are not the first person to get into debt  because there are people who have been in the debt of billions of dollars and God brought them out of it. God is bringing you out of that debt.

May power to prosper be released upon you,

 I decree and declare by the power that raised Jesus from the dead, in the name of Jesus be shifted to a new level, May mysterious dimensions of kingdom wealth be released upon you, You are stepping into a new season of prosperity, I lift you by prophesy, from you are I shift you to a new season in Jesus name!!!

-Joshua Selman


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