When I went for Youth Service, I decided to embark on a Fast. Such a fast was an Agenda that I had and if God decided not to show up, let me die. 

Because there was no need to be alive if God will be a stranger. I began to move on in the Fast, and conclusively, I fasted for 264 days. And I saw a reality that was not opened to everybody.

I will do my Fasting, do my prayer before I eat. I did this consistently for a period of about nine Months. I was like an AIDS Victim, but my spirit was anointed.

If you're about to have a deep encounter with God, he'll normally send Angels to prepare the ground. 

The Lord sent two Angels to me, when they came into the room, I knew that there was a Godly presence in the room, but I didn't know how to interact with the presence and what the presence was there to accomplish.

I doubted if it was God that came but after few minutes of fleecing, I discovered that I was truly God and the doubt left me. The moment that doubt left, then the Encounter started.

I saw into the future, i saw into the past. In that place, Past and Future were one, that's the only way I can explain it to you. 

That's the first time I was admitted into that corridor and it was that place that I knew that I was going to be sent to MAKURDI, the capital city of Benue, a state in Nigeria. It was on the 20th of October 2002, in the city of Kano. This encounter lasted for three hours.

Three days later, that corridor was opened to me again, I went there and I had more details about my calling. It was there that I knew that my wife that I married today was my wife from God. It was in that encounter that I knew her, her name was mentioned to me there, in the Spirit. 

I started liking that place, but I discovered that the door of the spirit doesn't just open because I want to enter, it opens because God wants me to enter and there is something he wants to achieve.

The greatest advice I can give to every young man is to grow very large in your spirit, very large. Seek God now, take away distractions and trap a measure of the spiritual strength required to drive your destiny.

As you see this, may the journey of your destiny begin.

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