WHEN A MAN LOVES YOU_ Allyson Hyacintho



When you meet your original husband, you will know. One of the ways to know is that he would not want you to suffer, or stress you, he will put on the helmet of sacrifice on your matter.

When I met my wife, I entered night bus like 3 times from Lagos to calabar to visit her when I couldn't afford a flight ticket conveniently. 

And when I show up to town, I had variety of gifts for her. What she didn't know was that I had the option of coming by air with that money without buying her anything meaningful, but I rather chose to use the flight money to get her lots of beautiful things, then sit in a bus for 12hours on a road trip, with all the risk involved.

One of the things that strengthen that decision was the fact that the things I bought for her where the things I knew she needed badly, so I was willing to take the bus just to see her happy. I couldn't tell her this, sometimes she didn't know I came with a night bus, I just show up gbraaaaaaaa like Father Christmas that took the morning flight. If she knew she wouldn't have allowed me do it for her, it's why I didn't tell her.

But you see, I couldn't have been able to put myself through all that if I was only going for the sex and flex, there are lots of pretty girls in Lagos if sex was the alpha. I would never have had the freedom to make those sacrifices if I wasn't 1000% sure I was going to marry her. No man can subject himself under such conditions for a woman he isn't convinced he wants to marry, except something is seriously wrong with him upstairs.

My sister, forget, when a man truly loves you, a new mumu is born. The most visible signs you will see from him are signs of sacrifice, in different areas that concerns you. Some you will find out, some you will never know.

He will not want you to labour.

He will not want you to stress over anything.

He will not want you to suffer.

He will endure a lot in silence for your sake.

Those days I will trek home from work just to save that bus money to buy airtime, because we usually talk for about an hour every night. I was doing it happily, without any pressure, because I desperately wanted to nurture and preserve our long distance relationship at all cost. I have found my wife, nothing else can change it.

I defended her publicly.

I defended her privately.

I defended her before my family.

Because I have found my wife gifted to me by God, every other contrary opinion were just rumours to me.

This is the second visible sign that a man loves and wants to be with you at all cost, he will defend you before every court that rises against his love for you. 

Forget all this talk about a man coming to say he cannot continue because his mother doesn't like you, or his siblings doesn't approve of you, or his Prophet said whatever, those are boys, not men. 

A man who has heard from God concerning you will defend you, before his family and before satan. As a matter of fact, it's a man's responsibility to make his mother and family like you, even if he will step on a few nerves subtly, he will do it, because in you is where his treasure lies.

 Any man who ends a relationship with you on account of family disapproval is still a boy, and you should do a special thanksgiving in church that God finally revealed to you the level of the man you were about to marry, such a man will remain subject to his family even in the marriage. 

When a man loves you? He will make it obvious through sacrifices and through his unwavering desire to fight for you at all cost.

This two things will never be missing in a man who truly loves and wants to marry you, look out for it.

... and please evolve in wisdom sister Eliza.




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