Certainly, life is beyond living on dreams, desires, volitions and aspirations.

Do you have great dreams and visions? Congratulations!

However, you must note that dreams don't come true until they are worked upon.

It is not enough to believe in that great vision. Yes, believing comes first. But much more as you believe, there is a place and a need to work out what you believe.

It was my convocation, a day I have eagerly waited for.

For me, It was not just a convocation because this was the very day that birthed the results of the efforts I have put into making my academics becomes a success. It was worth it!

This day instilled in me, a sense of belonging. It was an outstanding achievement to graduate as the best student in the faculty of Engineering in my school.

My greatest desire has been not to settle for the word “Ordinary". 

This has helped me not to buy the impression men have had of my background. 

The notion that no one has ever gone beyond Secondary School in the family.
I understood so well that whatever I become tomorrow is greatly dependent on the things I consent to today. Yes, you have the power of consent and it is within your reach. I knew that quite well and that made me not give in to the view of men.

I knew what my maker has said of and about me and this prompted me into making a resolution which has not only turned my academics around but in other areas too, have helped me. I have applied the Grace factor, Faith factor and work factor to all areas of my life and I can boldly attest to the fact that they have been working for me to date.

Are there no ups and downs? Of course, there are. Yet, God has been faithful!

I certainly stayed with this saying “The man who loves walking would go farther than the man who loves the destination”

We all have the desire and admire all that we love to become but there is never a product which would not go through processes before it becomes something worthwhile.
I was once a raw material which intentional stayed through the making phase for me to be who I am today.
I am still in the making room and If you should ask me “How do you get to where you are today?”

I would simply reply  “Men of action are men of relevance. A man who loves walking would go further than a man who loves the destination. I didn't just seek to become the best. No, I can't be the best only in my words and thoughts. 

More than just desiring to Sit with Kings, I rose beyond mere imaginations. I stood up and walked!”.
Success is never by chance, men who you see out there paid the price.
It's not easy to get up there!

It takes more than mere imaginations and desires!
Only intentional minds sit with Kings. Dreams don't become reality until they are acted out.

The bigger your dreams, the greater you need to be intentional.

You must rise above imagination.

Creating the picture is good but for how long would you keep pondering on the beautiful picture that has played out in your head without you getting your hands to work?

Are you ready?
_Faith Agi

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