Bro, sometimes she'll just pick a fight with you on purpose to get your attention, especially when she's feeling bored; but you’ll be too angry and too serious over nothing to notice that all she's trying to get is your attention.

... Most times she'll fake a mood swing and act like something is wrong with her just so you can be caring enough to get pass her resistance by looking for ways to make her happy. 

Bae: Babe how are you? 

Boo: I'm not fine.

Bae: okay. You'll be alright dear.

... Then he starts minding other business.

He doesn't notice the craving in her voice. 

He doesn't see it in her expressions.

He doesn't feel it in her attitude.

He just doesn't care to knock on her door and give her the attention she seeks. 

He soaks it in and cares in his heart, unfortunately, assumption is not a love language that everyone speaks.

... Other times she just calls and calls a hundred times within minutes for no reason, even after she knows you're working. But you cannot see the fact that she needs you. You do not understand her love codes, because you are already feeling irritated by her calls.

Every woman has a love code. One or more tricks she uses to get your attention, learn it, understand it, play along with it, and pretend like you don't know what she's trying to do. 

Don't go getting angry over some attention seeking trick that's supposed to keep your relationship going.

Any woman who is not an attention seeker with you probably doesn't enjoy your company as much, or keeping to yourself has taught her to enjoy her own company. So wrong.


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