STOP DATING CHILDREN! 

A girl of 15, 16 and even 17 years old is still very much a child. 

That she has big boobs and a robust shape does not change the fact that she's a child.

She acts, talks and walks maturely does not rule out the fact that she's a child and should be allowed to grow to a certain stage. 

Whether she's the one that made her intentions known to you is not the matter now...she's still a child. 

"She winks at me when she passes by..." is that one talk? 

Being in the university is still not a green flag for you to start dating someone's CHILD. 

These girls are still at a very delicate stage of their lives. 

They have so much emotions springing up that many times they can't control. 

If you can't help them grow or maybe support them one way or the other, just leave them and walk away. 

You shouldn't go into one yeye relationship with a small girl and telling her about marriage and having two boys and two girls. And she sef is saying "We would name them Tracy and Chelsea." 🤧

You're stirring up waters that she's too lame to dive into. 

You're already planning forever with someone who is yet to discover herself. 

Allow them grow. 

If you're such a good guy, buy them sanitary pads, I heard that stuff is costly likeeeee...

Get them that. 

You can book them down in your head. Hopefully when they grow you shoot your shot. 

If she tells you she loves you and can't do without you, make her know that there's time for everything. Help her tame her emotions or lead her to someone who can. 

Stop dating children. 

I don't like the nonsense I am seeing these days. I don't even want to talk about those that have s.e.x with them. 

I rest my case🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

Very sorry if my words are harsh. To whom it may concern!


© Victor Emmanuel

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