No expectations, no disappointments. How true is this? Someone might question. 

Does this means that I should not build expectations again? another might ponder.

Well, this article is not about you not building expectations as it is expedient that we know, understand and build expectations since life is embodied in and with expectations.

Oh, life is full of expectations.

Even creation earnestly in expectation awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God.

However, much more as we take the above processes, there is a place and need of setting boundaries for our expectations just as we would for land or building.

No doubt, you have expectations from people and people have expectations from you too. Hence, when the outcome goes the way they aren't proposed or expected to, disappointment becomes the order of the day.

Much more as it is good that we have expectations, there is a place for setting boundaries for the expectations we permit to stay with us.

Many homes today have been shattered because a party or all the parties involved built too many expectations.

Many relationships which should have worked out turned otherwise because the men involved don't have the understanding of setting boundaries for their expectations.

You are probably still in pain of the past today because you expected too much from yourself and then when things turned out of plan, you beat yourself hard a thousand times.

Many parents have ignorantly sidelined the great values God has loaded their seeds with and this could be traced down to excessive expectations which were built.

Yes, the earnest expectation of creation awaits the manifestation of the Sons of God.

There is no doubt that it is an earnest expectation. Yet, the manifestation isn't going to birth outside of the capacity which God has endorsed his Sons with.

When expectations go wrong, many things begin to fall apart. 

Hope is being watered down, destinies being sidelined, strength being ignored and the rest.

There are expectations of you.

You should have expectations you build for yourself.

Yet, there is a need to set boundaries.

Mind you, setting boundaries does not imply condoning complacency, laziness and ignorance. 

It entails that you understand that there are limits to what each man can do and that every man has a special place in life!

Focusing on this special place would help you work on others' weaknesses and bring out more of their strength instead of playing blame and criticism games at all times.

This has helped me to respect other people's opinions, private spaces and the demands upon their lives per time.

Note, I am not asking you not to hope in someone or build expectations on them. 

However, the emphasis is still on the point that there is a need for you to set boundaries per time for the expectations you build towards men.

When you depend so much on man, the man in him might fail you!

Learn to set boundaries for your demands and expectations of yourself and others.

We are helped.

_Faith for Today


By Faith Agi

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