You are married to a minister of the gospel, what an honour! To be the wife of your pastor, shepherd and most importantly God’s servant is to say the least an enviable privilege. God carefully “selected” you among an uncountable number of eligible women to be the companion of His called one, to be by his side in carrying out his God-given assignment. 

You are a woman on a God-ordained mission and you are very special indeed.

To be sure, yours is an assignment that is not only enviable and rewarding but also very demanding, very tasking and one that requires great focus and determination. Like every other vocation and career in life, your assignment is not without its peculiar challenges. 

This explains why for the most part, many ministers’ wives are simply living frustrated lives from day to day. Life has become a drudgery of some sort as they grapple with the incessant demands of ministry life for which sadly, many of them are not fully prepared or are not willing to even embrace. 

I have the privilege of being involved in the work of the ministry with my husband for over twenty-five years running. 

In this book I share heart-to-heart with you as my highly esteemed fellow co-labourer some of the truths that have helped me till date. These are truths that I have proved and that I still walk in up till today. The truth is that I am not perfect neither have I arrived yet. I am still learning and striving to be a more effective minister’s wife.

~ Faith A. Oyedepo

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