For not he who commends himself is approved, but whom the Lord commends. 2 Corinthians 10:18. 

It feels good to be applauded and appreciated by people. When men say well done, that is nice and commendable. But a question many have failed to ask themselves is, what does God think about the kind of life I’m living? How does He consider my lifestyle? 

Is He happy with me? Is He proud of me? You see, many people don’t regard or consider how God feels because they don’t see or perceive Him physically. And this is so sad because,

 If the only people you see or perceive are those who can be seen and perceived physically, then you are blind. Sad but true. God is Spirit and those who relate with Him and fellowship with Him must do so in Spirit. 

You see God has His remarks concerning your lifestyle. He has His observations. He has His corrections, He has His recommendations, He has His applause. It is wise to find out what He thinks. Don’t just seek for the approval of men, seek God‘s mind first. 

Prayer: Dear Father, I thank you for loving me and caring for me so much. I know you are so interested in my life, and I choose to care so much about what you think, and what’s your recommendation for me. I love you dear Lord. In Jesus name amen

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