There are four men who would go the miles for you.

There was a man whose story was told in mark 2...

His story to me is never complete without the men that push for his liberation.

These men cared so much for this man who was paralysed that they carried him. 

They completely took upon themselves the burden of this man. That requires a heart that determines right? or That goes beyond determination right? 

Oh, the best part of it is that those men didn't stop fighting for the paralysed man. They fought for him until the end!

When there was no room in the house, they made a way to get him in.

They went the extra to see to it that the man walked just like them. 

They could have decided to give up their push at the point where there was no space for them but they didn't. Rather, they choose to went the extra.

When the situation seems hopeless, the four men stood as pillars to the unknown man.

When the man got the chance to be liberated and they probably were told "There is no space again. Bring him another day", these four men stood as vehicles, conveying the paralysed man from a state of a halt to an acceleration state.

They carried him to JESUS!!!!

Take an intent look around you. You must not joke with these four men!

Every man has these four men in his life.

Men that would look beyond your state and selflessly help you up there.

Look around you, they are there.

Those people, that could go to such an extent for you like these four men.

My God!

What height of love have these four men for this man?

Someone might ponder " What if they were paid?" 

Well, even if these men were paid to render such a service which they did with all their hearts, what they did calls for attention.

Are you in a state of helplessness and hopelessness?...

Which four men can bear your burdens and go the miles for you just to see you smile?

Which four men can make a way for you where there seems to be none?

Saying to themselves "My friend's liberation shouldn't tarry. It must be today!"

Which men can take steps for you and yet not give up even after experiencing disappointment?

Which men have seen your scar, excesses, and imperfections but still would not let you go?

If you have one or more such people in your life, please don't trade them for anything.

Listen, never you trade them for anything.

Don't sideline men that are ready to defend your course at all costs.

Don't lose men that would stand by you in your darkest moments.

Your four men would see your flaws and still intentionally stand by you.

Some men carry your matter on their heads but some carry your matter at their hearts and on their heads.

Choose the latter!

Men that intentionally give their time and attention are rare. Value them!

I sincerely appreciate everyone that has helped me through the paralytic states I have found myself in at one point in time or the other.  

I am sending out love to my four men now "I love you from the depth of my heart. Thank you"

If you have been underestimating such men in your life, it is time to adjust positively.


I pray for as many that are experiencing or in a paralytic state now to receive the touch of Jesus.

You are helped in the name of Jesus.

_Tales of Mark 2:1-12.

It's Faith for Today

By Faith Agi.

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