I hear a voice, A cry saying 

“When will i come out of it”?

But I keep falling into it🤦‍♀️

When will I break this siege 

And stop crawling on my knee 

And start running on with feet. 

God when?

I try this and it fails,

I make another step and it’s destroyed by hail

The hail of depression and condemnation 

Everything just looks like it’s nothing 

Ah! My God!🙇‍♀️

It’s me I’m calling😢

How then can a man gain mastery 

And not live in mediocrity or jeopardy

How can a man define his identity

And master the act of creativity 

It’s not about being a principality 

Or even a member of the judiciary 

It’s about knowing all that is hidden in immortality 

And striving to make it a reality 


Kai, Mastery!

God’s intention for this generation 


The way God made creation 


The problem of the nation


The pathway to the realization of Gods intention for this generation even in this nation. 

Gaining mastery is not just about finding purpose, it’s about knowing purpose, sticking to it and following deliberately all the processes in order for it to become a reality. 

How can a man give you a package that you know nothing of and all you want to do is make use of it without consulting the manual. 

Even God in all His splendor made you  and still gave you a manual - The Holy scriptures(2 Tim 3:16-17)

How then can you live life without finding out what God has written about you. 

You need to stay and gain mastery in this Kingdom. 




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