You are a single believing God for a spouse, but every Sunday service before we share the grace in fellowship you have carried your two left legs and disppeared from church. Someone who is busy asking God for healthy relationships that will lead to something serious, you can't even wait until the close of church to network and connect with other faithfuls of similar interest, it is like someone blows a whistle from outside, you see singles rushing out of the church fiiiiaaaaaammmm like there is something important you are going to do at home, meanwhile there is nothing, you are going back to your lonely chronically single life to wait for someone's child to come and love you in your self-contain.

Tomorrow is another Sunday service, don't be quick to rush out after the grace is shared, stay around and say hello to one or two people. 

In church everybody is familiar, so don't be afraid to use the line "you look very familiar like I see you around church" to kick start a conversation. 

For men, other lines you can use in a sequence are:

"Hello, hope you enjoyed service today, how was it?"

"Your first or second time?"

"I'm Allison by the way, what's your name?"

"Nice to meet you Hilda, Are you serving in any department?"

"Compliment her on anything she's wearing; shoes, earrings, anything that requires a sincere compliment." 

"I just thought to come and say hello."

"Oh, okay, see you next Sunday. Enjoy a beautiful week."

As simple as this for a first approach, don't be tempted to behave like Judas by asking for her phone number immediately, relax, there is still a next Sunday. If this convo goes well you have initiated something really good that has afforded you the freedom to confidently start another conversation some other time. 

So wait for next Sunday, look out for Jesus during the service and also look out for her after the service.

Go over and call her by name, I mean the name she gave you last week, not boo, honey, sister, dear, etc. No. Call her by her name, that's a good place to score points already, it shows her that you value the connection enough to remember her name. Then ask how service went again, then you can ask her number to keep in touch as you build on the conversation.

That is how to do it brothers.

For the ladies, its church, if you've been noticing a brother in church for sometime you can also start a conversation with him in evangelism format. Again it's church, you won't appear desperate or whatever, you are already assumed to be like a sister to any brother in church. 

Here are some lines you can use in sequence:

"Hi, my name is Hilda from Ushering (or just Hilda). I've been seeing you in church alot lately, are you new?"(even if you know he is not new to church, pretend like you don't know, don't behave like Amaka.)

"Oh, nice to meet you. How was service today?"

"(Pick on something he says concerning the service and respond in the same light to sustain the conversation for a bit.)

"Its good to meet you, I hope to see you next Sunday."

Then relax and wait for the next time you meet. If he fancies connecting with you he will come over and say hello to you unhindered. If he doesn't act interested free him, we muuve!





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