THE TRIUMPHANT WOMAN IS + 1_ Poem by Peculiar Emmanuel



Celebrating; My Mum

Poem by: Peculiar Emmanuel

A woman that can spend time praying on her kneels than walking on high heels

A woman with whom many burdens she can bear and not the ones with many bottles of beer.

A woman who brings her family to agreement and not to argument.

Who is she? 

*The Triumphant woman.

Her husband's sight

Her children's flight

Her families light and..

Her enemies fright.

Who is she?

*The triumphant woman.

Disciplined yet Discipled 

Friendly yet Fiery 

Morally Alive yet Spiritually alert 

Beautiful yet dutiful 

Who is she?

*The Triumphant woman.

I can still try to imagine how comfortable it was in your womb

That was my first time of being in something more than a 5 star hotel.

I'm glad I lodged freely for 9months.. 

Beyond a mum you've  carried us as partners in Gods patterns.

Dear mum;

Thank you for giving birth to a burning nation

Just like the hen shields her chicks when the hawk hovers 

You covered us in prayers while the thief bothers around our borders.

Regardless of what it may cost you.

You played the Dice

You paid the price

And now we enjoy the prize.

"Thank you" is not Thank you enough for me to thank you my Gold

But I promise to make you walk on Gold and give you the sceptre to hold.

You are all in one and you are all I've Won

You are one in a million and a million in one

My Mother.... everything on earth says your worth is "More than"


Yours lovely;

Odiche Nwam.

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