It's been  6 months since Brother Victor proposed to Sister Debbie, and there is no reply yet. Bro. Victor was hoping that he would get his reply this month, so after Sunday service he asked her to wait for few minutes.

"Happy Sunday Sis. Debbie, hope you were blessed in today's service" Victor asked

"Yes, thanks. And hope you were blessed too" Debbie asked 

"I was really blessed, infact all the words of prophesy were directed to only me today. One of which was that I would hear goodnews this week" Victor said

"So Sister Debbie, any good news for me, have you gotten an answer from God about my proposal?" Victor asked

"You need to be patient Bro Victor, am still praying and I need to be very convinced. The bible says love is patient or is your own love not patient?" She asked

"Of course my love for you is patient that is why I have waited for six months" Victor said

"Just wait a little more" Debbie said

"See this brother o, he has only waited for six months and he thinks he is patient. Bro. Yemi waited for 1 year before my friend Bose agreed to marry him " She thought

Another six months passed, making it a whole good year that Bro. Victor had proposed yet he didn't know his fate. He was already feeling disturbed and weak. For the bible says hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Meanwhile Sister Debbie was praying for another brother in the fellowship that she liked so much, she wished he was the one that proposed to her. She kept  Bro. Victor waiting as the last resort, in case the one she liked didn't show up.


"Bro. John, please advise me, what else do you think I should do, it is 1 year and 7 months that I proposed to Sister Debbie and yet I don't know my hope. And I am so sure that God is leading me to her" Bro Victor asked his prayer partner Bro. John. She should tell me if it's mutual or not?

"Bro Victor should I tell you the truth? I will advise you to move on. You are just an option B to Sister Debbie. Thank goodness Our God is not a God that goes on sabbatical leave, Sister Debbie would have said that's why she hasn't gotten an answer to her prayer. Go back to God in prayer and he will redirect you, if Sister Debbie refuses to comply to God's will then God will replace her. Don't forget God cannot be short of substitutes " Bro. John said

Bro. Victor went back to God and prayed and the lord led him to another sister and in less than 1 month he got a yes and they started preparing for marriage few months after

Sister Debbie just found out that the brother she liked so much was engaged to someone else, so she picked up her phone to call Bro. Victor 

"Bro. Victor good evening" She greeted

"Good evening sister, how are you?" He asked

"Am fine, thanks. I will like to see you o" She said

"Hope no problem" He asked

"No o, it is about our unsettled business. I think God is speaking now" She said

"Really?" he said

"So what is God saying?" He asked

"I think you are the right man for me" She said shyly..The love is mutual.

"Really, after 2 years you mean God just answered your prayers?" he asked

"Yes, am sorry it took long" She said

"You don't need to be sorry o my sister.  But God has already answered my own prayers too, am getting married in 5 months time" he said

"What! I thought you said you loved me, so you were just lying to me? This is not fair o, and you called yourself a Christian...." She started blabbing 

Bro. Victor didn't even allow her finish her gibberish before he ended the call...

Are there sisters like Debbie in real life?..YES

The number of months you used to delay that brother is not directly proportional to the way he will respect you.

Unless you are not a child of God, God answers prayers timely, God is not in the business of delay, so stop dragging God into your lies. Just tell the brother directly if you are not interested and let him move on, and if you are interested just say yes and stop delaying.

Is it mutual or not? 

There is no stipulated number of months or days that I can say is the ideal time to reply a proposal, the most important thing is that you should give the reply to the brother as soon as you get the answer from God, whether it is a yes or a no. Don't be like Sister Debbie...



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