"Please avoid this our fire brigade courtship mentality" The Hycinthos expresses

 Please avoid this our fire brigade courtship mentality. 

Date for 2 years without counselling and guidiance. But as soon as your names are announced in church 6 months to the wedding  you start looking for how to subscribe for Premarital counselling as a ritual before the wedding. 

You want to solve all the issues within 6months, and the ones you can't solve you carry over into marriage because it's too late to cancel the wedding. You cannot say you are not doing again when serious anomalies are uncovered  because your friends have posted your engagement on their status and congratulated you 99 times.

Early preparation people! 

Early preparation!

6 months of counselling is supposed to be the appraisal season of your journey, not a time to start doing the major work.

Its a time for confirming the things you have already been convinced of over time.

It's a time for checks and balancing the progress made over time, not a time for rallying round to find reasons why you should marry this person by all means because the wedding is in 2 months. Your tailors are on high alert, what will you tell them now?

That point in courtship where the cost of calling off the wedding seems higher than the bottlenecks you have discovered in your partner. 

So you begin to learn the act of endurance and blessed assurance before marriage.😀😀

Preparing yourself to become a change agent in marriage. "I will  change him". "She will change".

Welldone Ammonium(II)Peroxide, agent of change! 😀😀

You better stoppit!




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