If God can use your marriage to achieve His purpose on the earth, then yes, you have achieved so much for the Kingdom.

If your home can be surrendered to God as a channel that gives Him access to the earthly realm, then yes, your home is a treasure in the realms of the spirit, that's a great achievement.

God wants to continue the lineage of Elijahs, Enochs, Abrahams, Marys, Elizabeths, Davids, and other tribes in the Spirit. To ensure that when the need arises in the kingdom He will never lack labourers in His vineyard. If your marriage can serve as the manger through which a tribe of God can be nurtured for His glory, that my dear is an achievement. 

The Bible says "One will chase a thousand, but two shall put ten thousand to flight." This clearly implies that God has placed supernatural expections on your marriage, and that expectation implies that your marriage should have a multiplier effect on the Kingdom. So if your cleaving can give God ten thousand less strongholds in different forms to worry about, then that my friend, is the two of you reaching your full potentials in marriage, there is no sweeter achievement than this.

Preserving a lineage of prophets for God through your children is an achievement.

Using your home as a lighthouse that models the glory of God for other couples to see and emulate is an achievement. 

The fact that my marriage is an instrument in the hand of God is a clear indication of how much God can achieve on the earth because my spouse and I are yielded. 

We are still achieving for God, and we are not done yet. 




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