Jay was black,  just under six feet tall, somewhat stocky, clean-shaven, and extremely handsome. He wears a classic cat eyes glasses. Jay was fond of unbuckling his shirt buttons to reveal his hairy chest. His dress sense was a flick! 

Yeah! I'm a Christian sister, but I drooled all over jay the first time I set my eyes on him. Mehn! the guy is hot! (I muttered). He drove the 2021 latest Ford Bronco, a resurrected nameplate. 

He was just everything I 'wanted' in a man.  Sincerely, whenever I looked at his broad chest, I couldn't help but imagine resting my head on them after a long stressful day from work. To cut the crap! 

The first time I engaged Jay in a discussion related to destiny, he callously changed the topic. I acted like I didn't notice. Mehn! this guy was already getting deep into my head that I had said to myself " Even though he isn't interested in matters of destiny, I can't let go of him." 

Jay offered to always pick me up from work and at times drop me off in the morning. He always drove me to my desired destination and we would have lots of fun together. I was already beginning to let my guards down.

I watched him lick his lips and with his eyes all over my body and with a coy smile he said to me  "I can't wait to have you all to myself." My stomach knotted! before I could say jack!  he grabbed my waist, the shivers that went through my body seemed to have paralyzed me. He almost had his way with me, but somehow I managed to escape from his arms. 

I ran out from his apartment. "What has gotten over you, Ezinne?" I asked myself. Within a flash of seconds, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind, it was like I was hearing so many chattering voices saying " The casualty of spiritual wastage is inevitable when  'Spiritual' sisters fall in love with 'Carnal' men, you see them metamorphose into vessels of spiritual prop without any life to dispense."

As hot sizzling tears flowed down my cheek,  I remembered what my mentor said to me, he said "If Mary had lost her virginity, yes! she would ask for forgiveness and God would forgive her, but one thing is certain, she won't be used as a medium for birthing the saviour, there is a certain level of consecration that is needed to power your destiny, you must ask God to reveal your consecration to you and you must guard it judiciously." 

I began to think deep within the space of a few minutes, I realized that I was missing it already. Jay had a nice ride that could take me to my destination here on earth but he didn't have the ride (prayer power)  to take me to my place in destiny. If I must marry a RIDER, it must be one who can go down in the hell with me and take back everything the devil stole from me. A rider that can ride into the courts of heaven and legislate on my behalf. 

I had to wipe my tears immediately, it felt like a new light of understanding had entered me. I stood up and immediately left his compound.  I intentionally cut off every means of communication I had with Jay. 

I had to strictly set parameters that would qualify a guy to have access to my heart. Going by just the looks won't be enough for me. I unapologetically set boundaries for my next relationship; We won't be meeting at the wrong places at the wrong time. 

To cut the long story short, when I say "Marry a rider" don't just think about the ecstasy of sex, think about your destiny.



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