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As God helps us and grants us Grace in destiny, it is easy to begin to attribute our successes to the sharpness of our understanding, the level of knowledge and enlightenment, and even the level of our hardwork and diligence.

Many times we almost get to the point where we forget how God picked us and literally stood by us all the way, helping us through our ignorance, naivety and mess.

We also tend to forget how God used men to literally shape our understanding, show us the way to go, the way to do what we do today, men who believed in us when we were so naive and ignorant, having nothing much to offer.

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This man right here, Min. Gift Ugochi Christopher G U C is my man of God. I met him in 2016 on Facebook after i heard of him from Min. MrWealth(THANK YOU SIR). I literally consider our meeting one of God's greatest mercies to me because my meeting him shifted my life in a very loud and profound way.

When I met Sir G, I was not doing anything called ministry, i never had the intention of even becoming a recording Artiste, I was just someone who loved music, knew the rudiments and how to play many musical instruments, my passion then was just to settle for being a music director.

This man started started teaching me the ways of the Kingdom in profound ways, how to fellowship with Jesus, etc.

He took me to the studio to snap my first studio pictures in this life. He taught me how to post them properly on social media, how to use hash tags, how to write properly, etc.

He paid for my first song, and i even used the money for something else, yet He kept pushing me until I succumbed. (May I add that, I didn't even have any song both in private and in public before I met him. The Grace for receiving songs came on me when I started following him).

He followed me to the studio to record my first song, he stayed with me all through, while I was recording, he was designing the art for the song, he kept designing for me and sending me different styles to post on social media for the anticipation of the song.

I can remember vividly, how he would call me and say, check your WhatsApp, I sent you a design. All this he did without me asking him to.

He also linked me to the bloggers for the song.

My very first event was planned in his house, he designed the flyer too, He helped to guide me in choosing guests.

Sir GUC carried pure water to my first event, he helped to arrange chairs, 😢 etc.

He guided me on how to behave myself in public, how to accept programs, taught me on how to know where to go and where not to go, etc.

Everything I know about ministry, team building, etc. I learnt it from under his leadership at TeamGUC. 

He stood by me in my worst times, he didn't judge me when he knew my weaknesses, he kept pushing me and believing in me.

Baba is still very much concerned about my life today as he was when I first met him o.

Baba is full of love. He has being a blessing to almost every young minister I know around me today. He featured in their songs, counselled them, went for their programs, prayed for them, etc. This is why God has given him the heart of this generation and we pray that God keeps him more.

Only someone who has met Jesus will love you like this, He is the JESUS I see on the earth.

Till today, he remains of my strongest motivations to keep going on.

I just want to take out time to say, thank you sir, thank you sir. My Heart has alot to say, but thank youuuuuuu sirrrrrrr. 😢




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I want to counsel every young minister, young creative, etc. As you read this post, kindly cast your mind back to when you started off;

How come you have forgotten so soon the people who helped you because you now have followers on social media, you can now pray, you can hear God's voice, you now appear on flyers, you now walk in the anointing?

What used to be submission and humility before is now control and toxicity to you?

You used to take corrections before but now, you say they are picking on you.

Don't bite the finger that fed you!

Don't write posts to subtly shade those who helped you to rise because you feel offended at them.

Some young ministers have changed from SIR/MA to BROTHER/SISTER because of some results here and there, be wise and careful.

The little results you see have now made given you loss of memory, you have forgotten so soon? Remember that, the seeds you sow today, you will reap.

Knowledge and results can puff, be careful.

Finally, ask yourself this question;

If I have the cars, the houses, the money, will I still submit?

If my songs are being sung all over the world and I am on every billboard, will i still submit?

Think on these things!

(Written by Baruch Okeoghene)⚡

PS: If Min. GUC has blessed you in any way, directly or indirectly, kindly say a word of prayer for him and if you feel led, you can share a bit of your testimony of how he has blessed you.

You can also appreciate do a post like this on your timeline, appreciating someone who stood by you and helped to raise you to where you are now by God's help.

📷 2018 at my first edition of THE HARMONY SERIES MUSIC CONFERENCE.

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