Love languages can be very funny in marriage.

So I love gifts, buy me anything even if it cost you fifty Naira, I will appreciate you till you will be the one telling me to stop,  So speaking this lauguage at any time is supposed to get me right???

I mean when we were dating, you buy me gifts and I am so happy and jumping and loving every time you present this gifts to me.

But you see, a tired me still working, I mean cleaning, washing, arranging, taking care of baby, and still preparing messages for  ministration and a lot more that is to be done, will first prefer that you help remove the washed clothes outside before any other thing, I will first prefer that you help in putting the soup in the fridge before any other thing, I will first prefer that the clothes are folded before any other thing.

Is my mumu button for recieving gifts still there, the answer is yes, but let me jump in excitement over the gifts knowing that I'm not stressed and overwhelmed in tiredness.

See friends, it is good to know each other "Love language" and respond positively to it. But you see in marriage, the general love language needed for each other is SENSITIVITY AND CARE. 

Don't say because you his love language is words of affirmation you will not run him a hot bath or give him a massage especially when he is stressed for the day.

Don't say because her lover language is quality time you will not help keep the house in other to lessen the stress of her other duties around the house.

Truth is, in marriage, sensitivity to moments is much appreciated before the fulfilling of "Love language"





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