Dear believer, 

The goal is to be supernatural parents. It is not just about giving birth to two boys and two girls that you cannot account for in the spirit.

Oh yes, God will bless your marriage with fruitfulness, but it doesn't end there. It doesn't end by receiving children from the Lord, in fact, that is the start of your assignment as an earthly guardian to a heavenly treasure; what you do with the seed that has been released to you by God. 

I wish you knew. 

I honestly wish you knew. 

How that Jeremiah revealed the mystery of conception to us.

How he revealed the relationship that God is currently enjoying with your unborn children right now.

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

This mystery tells us of a place of knowing in the spirit before our children are released to us. A place where God communicates and anoints your children according to their ordination on the earth and the interest of God they have been commissioned to protect. But how you preserve that ordination as a parent is a protocol of supernatural parenting.

If your children are first known by God in the spirit before they are released to you on earth, will they still continue to retain their relevance in the spirit after they come out of your womb? 

Will a prophet in the realm of the Spirit still be a prophet when he is released into your one bedroom apartment, or your duplex?

If a child who is sitting in heavenly places leaps out of heaven into your womb, will He or she find an altar in your home that replicates the splendor of the heavenly places the child is accustomed to?

Will an evangelist retain his office when your prayers for a child is answered?

Will your children continue to know the God that has first known them before they were formed? Will that relationship be sustained through your office as a parent?

Jesus said " I do what I see my Father do." Will your children loose sight of what they have been seeing their Father do because they came into your home?

Think about this please, think about this. 

The goal is not to just have children, the goal is to birth different extensions of God. 




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