So you and your partner have been praying together every day, yet when there is a little misunderstanding it blows up and goes on for weeks. 

You started dating someone for about five months now, and for this period you two have been praying every day. Only for you to find out five months into the relationship that they have been cheating on you with someone else.

You have been dating for a long time now and praying together, keeping vigils together, fasting together, only for you to discover at some point that your partner has a marriage-wrecking dark secret or an addiction they've been covering up ever since, now the relationship has to end. 

My question is, for those 5 months you have been praying together on the phone, what have you been praying about? 

You were just busy carrying Godly relationship on your head, no discernment, no power, no transformation, no revelation, nothing. 

Hope you can see that your daily prayer together was just a religious ritual? lacking a pure love for God, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and the power of God thereof.

Hope you can also see your own spiritual ranking and prayer strength? Hope you can see that you also lack a close personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that commands the power to reveal hidden things by discernment and the power to transform broken things by grace.

Hope you can see the level of the fire you carry? So low.

But the both of you have been praying together morning and night for 3 months now, your fire was not able to detect a compromise. Or maybe it did, but your emotions could not allow you concentrate on the Spirit.

Sometimes God uses these things to teach us how unprepared we are for marriage, honestly. 

He uses it to answer our prayer for marriage. Every night you keep asking God to reveal the blueprint of your marriage to you, He uses things like this to show you how unprepared you are for the kingdom assignment He has tailored to your marriage.

Yet many cannot comprehend this.

Go back and ask yourself why that person was comfortable holding your hands to pray with all the fire you thought you carried. 

Ask yourself why the conviction you got to say yes to that person wasn't still enough to reveal other parts of the equation to you. 

Ask yourself why your relationship with God was still not enough to cause a transformation in their life. 

Ask yourself how they could have the courage to pray with you everyday and still kept such a secret away from you. 




Even yet, ask yourself why you keep attracting wolves into your life. How come the ones coming to marriage are the ones He has warned us never to yoke with? How come it is those kinds that approach you? With all the fire you carry? How can Jezebels be the only ones approaching Joseph? Where are a the Mary's?Such a Joseph have some work to do, he needs more!

God is just calling out to you for MORE!

There is more behind praying together. 

There is more behind your ability to pray and get convictions about that person.

There is more!

Can you see that there are more realms in God waiting for you to cover? Can you see?




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