You can never over emphasize the need for couples to be carriers and "dispensers" of the Holy Spirit.

 You can never over emphasize the need for couples to be carriers and "dispensers" of the Holy Spirit.

That's why we keep re-echoing what the scriptures says, "Marry your kind. Don't be unequally yoke with unbelievers".

Don't try to understand why God said that. Obey first and understanding will come later.

I can't forget one sarcastic answer my wife gave me when we just got married. I innocently asked her, "Baby, how can I love you better?"

Her reply was that I should ask the Holy Ghost how to love her. She didn't plan that response but it was an experience I will never forget in a hurry.

You know there are two different personalities the scriptures referred to as “Helpers”. Perhaps in the first place, I shouldn’t have asked the helper living with me😊😊

Meanwhile, on trying to react, the Holy Ghost pointed me to where it was written, "That the Holy Ghost spreads the love of Christ in our hearts." 

And I reasoned. If He, the Holy Ghost can do that so I can express the love of Christ, how much more for my spouse?

Recently, on a separate occasion, I had quietly quizzed the Holy Ghost if there was something I needed to improve on in my home. He also quietly pointed out something to me.

Sir, I started doing it. One day my wife said to me, “Did somebody talk to you? Because I’ve noticed some good changes in you”.

I smiled and knew I was on the right track.

Ma, you cannot be stranded in your marriage so long as you’re constantly in touch with the other Helper whom you cannot see.

So, dear Finding-it-too-hard to love and connect with your spouse, 

Have you ever asked the Holy Spirit to show you how?

Whenever you ask, you must receive feedbacks if you’re sensitive.

The Holy Ghost is not limited to tongue speaking. He can teach you all things, including ways to love your spouse that will touch her in the medulla.

But let me say this now,

Don't go and be asking, the Holy Ghost how to love your boyfriend. What you should ask Him to do for you is to help your boyfriend to come and pay your bride price.


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