Overcoming Public Speaking Fear/Talking To Crowd wasn't an easy ride for me. Because growing up, I was the shy, easy going and reserved sibling. I Was always on my shell and even found it very hard Communicating my feelings or want. My Mom Will always need to persistently ask me if there's any problem, Before I Will Finally admit that I need some help or some money to settle something. 

So Desiring to be a public speaker and an event planner was a dream I didn't think will come through. Because the worst thing a teacher will ever do to me while in secondary school, will be to ask me to read something before the class or stand up and answer a question. I will just freeze and automatically go blank.πŸ˜”

I Can Remember My First Public Speaking experience by a friend called "Sammy". He Gave Me A Topic To Prepare and Acted Like He Has Introduced me to the stage to speak and it was just me, him and my roommate that was in the room. But I couldn't even say jerk.πŸ˜‚ Nor introduce myself. My hands were literally shaking and I was sweating profusely. 

He laughed and asked me to chill out and Go Do More rehearsals. After Many Several Attempts, He Got Frustrated One Day and said"Go And Ask God For Wisdom and Boldness" You Lack Them and It's Making You Look Worthless. 

I Can Remember Crying From His Lodge, Back To My Lodge That Day. And Cried/Prayed Myself To Sleep With James 1:5 and 2nd Timothy 1:7.  Begging God For Wisdom/BoldnessπŸ₯Ί

I Woke up The next morning and decided to relax for some days before continuing with my  rehearsals. After some days I called him that I was ready to do my presentation. He acted like he has introduced me on stage, I Boldly Expressed myself to the best of my capacity which was very impressive.

 I began giving him answers to questions I even know there answers  naturally and it will be the correct answer to the question. After Couple of months he asked me what I did, I Said I Prayed/ Read The Books You Recommend and also Did Some Research.

 He Smiled and Said God Really Answered Your Prayers Because you've started Operating In A Level Of Wisdom and Boldness That Is Strange. He Said and I quote" Gift You Now Have The Kind Of Wisdom and Boldness I Was Talking About". He recommended few other good books, Including the bible.

Ever Since Then, I Can Comfortably Stand Anywhere and Speak/Express Myself or Speak With Any Client For My Event Planning Gig's.πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ 

Though Those Fear's Crips in sometimes, Which is normal. But once I start speaking, all The Fears  Goes Away. I Also Went Further to Sign Up with Bosco Kenn public speaking academy and God, research And Books Has Been helping me since then. 

The Truth is, No Matter What You Do, Sell or Services You Render, You Need Public Speaking to Comfortably sell your market, publicize your products and express that vision  in a Way It Will Be understandable/Plain To The Next Person. 

So public speaking is not a thing for some people, it's for everyone that Wants to make a difference in the word/ Lend There Voice To Humanity And You Can't Boldly Do It Too Without Consulting Your Creator "God".   πŸ’•




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