By Jane Onwubuyah

1. Dr. Pastor Paul and Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche studied Medicine in the University of Jos and are qualified Medical Doctors.

2. They were both members of the Executive Committee (EXCO) of the same fellowship on Campus.

3. Sister Becky (as she then was) had a horrible sight situation that made her unable to function without wearing her glasses. She only took off the glasses to shower and to sleep. Brother Paul (as he then was) prayed for her as a student and she was healed of the eye situation. She does not wear glasses till this day, and she comfortably reads tiny prints that Dr. Paul considers a distraction to read.

4. Brother Paul (as he then was) greatly admired Sister Becky's passion as a young lady on fire for The Lord and prayed for her that she would not end up like other fiery, passionate ladies on campus who married men that reduced their fire. At this time they were not in courtship- they were just brethren.

5. As a single man, Dr. Paul had a picture of his future marriage. He envisioned marriage to a woman who would stand shoulder to shoulder with him in ministry; drawing inspiration from Kenneth and Gloria Copelend as well as Tommy Lee and Daisy Osborn. Such is replicated in their marriage and ministry today.

6. During their courtship, Brother Paul (as he then was) laid hands on Sister Becky in impartation and as a result, the gifts of Interpretation of tongues and seeing clearly into the Spirit were activated in her.

7. Dr. Paul has made it clear on different occasions that he would not allow his wife be treated with disrespect. It is on record that `while she was in active medical practice, Dr. Becky came home in tears one day after being verbally harassed by a colleague in the hospital. In his words, he drove to the hospital like the Biblical Jehu to confront the Doctor that upset his wife to the point of tears.

8. When Dr. Becky was pregnant for their first child, she had what looked like a miscarriage scare and upon alerting her husband about the situation when he got back from work, he said “All the Devils in Hell cannot bring down this pregnancy. Please put water to bath for me.” That was the end of that devious manipulation from hell. The child was born hale and hearty, and has grown into a beautiful adult.

9. Dr. Paul and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche are industrious. in a bid to make extra money by the side despite being practicing Medical Doctors on a salary of 2,400NGN (Two Thousand Four Hundred Nigerian Naira) each, Dr. Becky made Sorrel Drink (Zobo) at home, packaged them, and gave them to someone to sell outside the hospital on her behalf, while her husband worked three jobs and converted his Volvo into a public taxi service to drive people for a fee on his way home. Typically, the ride would comprise of compulsory listening to fiery messages blasting through the speakers of the car.

10. As a practicing medical doctor,  Dr. Paul felt that he had arrived at a critical junction of his life and as such, he needed direction on what next to do. He left for a solitary place for a period of three days to receive from The Lord what turned out to be a calling into full-time ministry. As her husband left the comfort of their home burdened and desperate for answers, Dr. Becky perceived that things may not be the same again, so she went on a three-day morning to evening fast despite being a nursing mother at the time; and The Lord spoke to her things that corroborated that which her husband had received from The Lord on a mountain in Gana-Rop, Plateau State.

11. In the early days of their marriage, Dr. Becky did not understand why she would cook nice meals and her newly wedded husband will walk past her nice cooking with a “stone face”, declaring that he would not be eating; sometimes for three consecutive days. She cried to The Lord in confusion and the Lord told her “I have wired you for him.” She then accepted the challenge and considered it an opportunity for growth and for bonding. At certain times when he skipped breakfast, she would skip breakfast too, thereby building her spiritual muscles; although initially unknown to her husband. The result of those rugged exercises is evidenced in the dimension of The Spirit and the cutting edge anointing under which Dr. Becky Enenche now ministers.

12. Dr. Mrs. Enenche went into labour for her fourth child in the midst of a Church Service - A Vigil.

13. Dr. Paul and Dr. Becky Enenche are both recording artistes with hundreds of songs under their belt.

14. Theirs is a union of reciprocal love and submission. Dr, Paul has been seen and heard on several occasions publicly affirming his wife and displaying affection to her; and Dr. Becky practically lives out the word “Submission”; chief of which was a day she was seen running up the stairs saying “Daddy is calling me!”. Her leader had asked to see her, so she abandoned everything and ran to the amazement of onlookers.

15. As young doctors on the verge of launching into full-time ministry, Dr. Becky’s father had come to visit them with news of offers for both of them to a University in London to study a Postgraduate Course in Medicine, and to work as Medical Practitioners in Hammersmith Hospital, London. At this point, they had received the call to ministry, so Dr. Becky respectfully but firmly declined her father’s offer; positing that God had called them to ministry. She turned down her father’s postgraduate offer to support and firmly stand by her husband. Her father reportedly left their apartment in tears that fateful day; and it was never an issue or point of nagging, regret, or complaint for one day in their marriage. She had put her hands on the plough alongside her husband and there was no looking back. 

The ministry is replete with evidence that confirm that they were indeed called of God; one of which was the healing of Dr. Becky’s father of an enlarged Prostate by the laying on of hands and a declaration of faith by his doctor turned pastor son in-law. He would later testify that his son in-law ‘practiced a higher medicine' on his body.

16. Against her personal desire to sit back and be blessed by the ministry of her husband and pastor in the Headquarter Church, Dr. Becky once had to obey and be the Resident Pastor of a location branch for about one year. According to her, it was not the most appealing thing for her to drive different routes to different buildings on service days, but ministry called for it and it had to be adhered to despite personal wants and desires.

17. On their wedding day, Dr. Paul Enenche was 25 years old, and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche was 23 years old. They were both practicing medical doctors at that age.

18. In their 25 years of marriage, they have not had the first quarrel or argument. Their children testify to not ever hearing them argue or talk in raised tones to each other.

 19. At the time of courtship and early years of marriage, Dr. Becky was a proper sanguine and Dr. Paul was a straight faced, hardly smiling man. Over the years however, they have so rubbed off on each other so that Dr. Paul smiles, tells funny jokes here and there, and laughs heartily. Dr. Becky in turn has acquired an undeniable measure of strictness.

20. Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Becky Enenche are both Healing Evangelists and Incisive teachers of God’s Word.

21. In their courtship years, Brother Paul (as he then was) and Sister Becky(as she then was) decided to honour God in their courtship by keeping chaste. Dr. Paul assured her that If they ever defiled themselves in their relationship, the courtship would be terminated. On days when Dr. Paul visited his then fiancĂ©e in the doctor’s quarters that she shared with another lady, they kept her doors open for all to see  what was going on in the room she hosted him. Dr. Becky’s flatmate was inspired by their decision to honour The Lord and asked them to pray for her for a clean courtship experience like theirs.

22. Dr. Becky has access to Dr. Paul's phones and messages. He who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear.

23. Dr Becky is the account manager of the home. She is in charge of cash and has his chequebooks and bank cards in her custody. It is on record that not only does Dr. Paul not carry cash on him, he once travelled to another continent on a preaching engagement and only realised that he did not have any cash or bank card on him when he got to the venue of the meeting.

24. In the early years of their marriage, Dr. Paul had gone for a ministration out of town. By the time he got home, Dr. Becky had “sown” his clothes at a church programme she went for  because “the message was touching”. Today (and for years now), they seem to have the challenge of too many clothes. Although they don’t buy their clothes, people joyfully sow matching clothes and fabrics into their lives; considering it a privilege and an honour that they would wear their gifts.

25. Dr Paul and Dr. Becky almost always wear at least the same colour of clothes. It is on record that on a day they were billed to go out and she appeared in a different colour from him, he questioned her choice of colour and she told him that she did not have the shade he was wearing in her wardrobe. To right the wrong, he wrote her a cheque of a sum of money that would buy 10 (ten) different clothes in that colour shade.

We hope you learnt a thing or two.  Which of the above points inspired you the most?  Leave a comment below.





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