That he wears a suit and tie up and down in church doesn't make him suitable for you.

That she's always in those pretty nice shoes you like doesn't mean that her steps are ordered to you.

That He is a major prayer warrior in fellowship doesn't mean he is the Elijah husband you have been waiting for.

That she sings so beautifully in the choir doesn't make her your songs of Solomon.

That he plays the strings with so much fire and charisma doesn't make him the David you have been dying to have.

She is submissive to her Pastor because she's the Bible study coordinator, this does not mean she will be submissive to you as your destined Sarah to Abraham.

Don't assume Godliness by public works.

Don't assume that someone has a close relationship with God judging by their closeness to the pulpit. 

Don't assume spiritual activities for spiritual character. 

Don't assume spiritual gifts and talents for fruits of the Spirit.

Don't assume religious mastery for spiritual faithfulness. 

Be patient enough to look out for the fruits of their character.

Be patient enough to identify dominant fruits of the Spirit in that person. 

Don't rush into failure. 

Use the tool called FRIENDSHIP to observe and find an agreement between their public life and the life of Christ.




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