This year you will see Bro. Zazu in your church. He will lead you in praises_Mr Wealth

 This year you will see Bro. Zazu in your church. He will lead you in praises.

No! Your pastors won't invite him.

Right now as I am talking to you he is already renting a space in the Head of some of your praise singers.

They are rehearsing how to add Gospel lyrics to his song and bring to church so that you will dance. 

While your pastors invite them,

They will come alongside with the "Bro Zazu" in their Head.

You will hear something like;

Praise singer: Jesus!

Back ups: Zeeh

If you ask them why they are using secular beats and adding Gospel lyrics to it, they will tell you the Devil has no gift, that all songs belong to God.

Ask them to go and wait on God so that God can give them songs and beats too they will not.

That your god that only inspires secular artists then in turn inspires you to remix their songs and put gospel lyrics to their beat and bring to church so that we can dance needs to be flogged. 

We are gradually creating a culture and trend,

A trend of using secular beats and adding Gospel lyrics,

A trend of Ministers who have a form of Nathaniel Bassey with a touch of Davido. 

Somebody will say there is nothing like a secular beat. Really????

A beat is neither secular nor gospel, it is only neutral until words are sung upon it.

Whatever words first come upon it claims ownership to the beat.

If you Hear the music instrumentals or beat of "Bizzy Body" by P square the lyrics will naturally start playing in your head, that's because the first words to be associated to the song gives the beats identity.

While you are trying so hard to input Gospel lyrics into that secular beat, the original singers image comes to our minds, his original words hit our minds, while we dance you are reminding us of those days in the party,

You deceive us like Jacob did to Isaac. You are making us hear the voice of Jacob but helplessly feeling the Hands of Esau.

You are singing like DAVID, 

but we keep feeling DAVIDO.

Decide to stop it this year.

Be original!

Be original!!

God can give you a fresh inspiration,

A killer beat that can get his children dancing unto him,

You don't have to go to Babylon to import a beat and try so hard to brand it Gospel.

Stop depending on secular beats to carry God's people along in praises. Stop it! 

I know many will come at me for this,

But I am waiting for you in the comment box. Somebody has to be bold enough to speak up on this.

We have to stop this Trend!

It is unholy,

It is a mockery.

I will speak against this unholy act anyday and time.

We are praying for Bro. Zazu, we pray that he finds Christ. Amen. 

Let us also pray for the ministers who have a form of Nathaniel Bassey with a touch of Davido.


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