Between The Bible & Alcohol..

How can we explain this now?

Deception is a spirit

Deception is a spell

Deception is a bondage 

Don't wait till you die to find out if what you are doing is a sin.

Don't be stubborn to the truth, know the truth now that you are alive before it is too late.

In eternity where we must all go, there is no repentance..

No second chance 

No mercy

No forgiveness

Don't allow the doctrine of your church to waste you in hell..

Don't be stubborn to the reality of the Bible because it affects your comfort.

Know what you must know now..

You have the BIBLE. ALWAYS

Believe the word of God against all lies everywhere 

Do it now.

The fact that multitudes are doing it does not mean it is right..

Many are called. But few are chosen.

Give it a thought 

Evang. Isaac O. Sunday

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