There is the RESULT OF SERVICE and there is the REWARD OF SERVICE._ Mr Wealth


There is the RESULT OF SERVICE and there is the REWARD OF SERVICE.

The two are not the same, the first outweighs the later. I don't plan on talking about service today, but the spirit is pulling on it strongly so I yield.

When serving in a Church at all cost make sure the church has nothing more important to offer you than a privilege of service, an opportunity to worship and a place to Hear God's word. In real essence this is all the church owes you.

Let me be more plain, make sure you don't depend on your church for platforms, money, equipments etc.

It's okay if the church offers help in anyway in this areas, but work on yourself to grow beyond that.

There is a reason why and I will state it here.

There is a very thin line between serving God and pleasing men.

The difference is in your disposition when the benefits you get from service in your local church no longer comes forth.

The difference is in your attitude when your pastor, Leader or Team Leader no longer behaves in a way that suits and favours you or flavours your service in the church or to the Team.

The commitment of your service must be between you and God, you must first serve as unto God and in doing that, be yourself.

Never be under pressure to act in a certain way, at all point make sure you are doing your best from your heart and in accordance to God's leading, don't forget this is first between you and God.

When you serve to align with men's expectations you will run into becoming men pleaser and loose sight of the reason for your service which is God. You will Burn out.

Service is first intended to MAKE YOU, before it REWARDS YOU.

The RESULT OF SERVICE is in who you become and it is in your becoming the Reward of service becomes evident in your life. 

Where you are without honor in your own town, still serve at your best especially if God wants you there.

Sometimes the prophet must be without Honor in his own town so that his value may reach out and be seen by others who are not of his town.

The Honor from your town will only create a kind of comfort that will condition you to build an empire around your town and feel all entitled to the Good things therein.

But where you are without honor in your town, you will be compelled to reach new territories, extend your influence to other zones and this is where true relevance and impact is Born.

Get rid of all of that entitlement mentality you feel with your church it will corrupt the sincerity of your service if you don't, it will compel to serve for Rewards instead of for results which is in the making.

I have so much more to say but I perceive the spirit wants me to stop here. I hope this instructs you to serve as unto God and not unto men?

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