Sometimes I don't understand you daughter of Zion, 

You that have held firmly to sexual purity and chastity for the many years you have been single.

You that have been strict on how you dress, inspiring many who are modeling Christ in their dressing just by observing you.

But just because of a man.

Just because of one small bridal shower your friends organised for you.

You opened all your breast outside for the camara man and your social media inlaws to enjoy.

It's your big day right? 

You have received all the online CONGRATULATIONS you have been looking for.

Afterall you are getting married to him and your wedding is next week. 

This was why God hesitated in answering your prayers for marriage in the first place, because He kept lamenting on whether He can trust you to carry His purpose faithfully into your marriage.

But see how you failed Him. See how you are making God lament over answering your prayers for a man to come. He shouldn't have, but He had to because you were crying to Him in prayers too much.

Now we can see the intent of your tears, now we can see the reason for your alabaster, because you want to wear a white dress with man, and line up 35 bridesmaids behind you with dresses showing their cleavage and slits exposing their tights.

You that God was counting on.

You that God was boasting about to the devil, saying "have you considered my single and faithful daughter who is patiently waiting on me for her marriage?"

Unknown to God, He didn't expect that you will fall His hands this quickly, only 45minutes to the wedding, your breast is outside.

No wonder the devil was campaigning on your behalf. No wonder the devil kept asking God to answer your prayers quickly, because He knew that you will not be as firm as Job. 

The devil knew that you were more of a threat to him single than engaged. He knew that the very weapon of your downfall would be the very answer to the prayers you are waiting for. He knew that the moment you receive that gift from the Lord you will loose your sense.

He knew it! And ooohhh you didn't disappoint. 

Small consecration you cannot keep. Small purity you cannot maintain to the finish line. The small marriage answers you received you could not sustain. 


So God blessed you will the marriage you have been believing for, but you did not even allow Him attend your bridal shower, let alone your wedding, because your wedding dress was like a show glass revealing all the technology God has given you to pleasure your husband. 

Why daughter of Zion?

Why did you kick God out of the very thing you spent sleepless nights praying for Him to be a part off?

I don't know who God is weeping over right now. I don't know who is getting ready to make God weep over the blessing He freely released to you. But do not disappoint your Father. 

And let the Groom who thinks this doesn't concern him also take heed less he falls. 





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