The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy... John 10:10

In Jesus' illustration of the sheep, the good shepherd and the thief, He let's us know the objective of the thief in coming to the sheep. The thief never comes for anything else, except to steal, to kill and destroy the sheep. That's basically his agenda, never different.

But practically, the their never comes to the sheep and straight up makes his agenda known like that. If he comes straight up, the sheep wouldn't let him, or would at least offer great resistance. But you see, the thief, the devil and his cohorts have learnt to be highly subtle and deceptive. 

He never comes as though he wants to do any evil. He rather intends to do as much evil as possible through the seemingly little or great good he presents. For him, it's always the effect or result of his process. It ends in evil though it would seem good.

This is so that the unsuspecting will be caught in his web. The Bible says we should be girded in the armour of God, so as to stand against the wiles, the deception, the trickery and scheming if the enemy (Ephesians 6:11). Because he is a strategist, hoping to wreck havoc through his proposed good. We must be wise and discerning. You're blessed. TCF.

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