ARE WE STILL BRETHREN | Article by: Peculiar Emmanuel


We started in a little prayer meeting, God spoke to us individually about our ministries. We promised to stay by each other.

Now the knife I gave to you to help you cut the rope at your leg, you are using it to stab me at my back.

They invited me to minister somewhere and envy is in your heart, are we still brethren?

When I posted the vision I was about starting, you were the first to say “More Grace”

Now the vision is growing and you plot in your heart “More disgrace” are we still brethren?

Everything we do must be about you

We do it, but you take it.

The people you call your Spiritual brothers, they hosted a crusade, you want to do yours yet you can’t humble yourself to ask them questions. 

Its either they will not tell you how they did it or you are proud to ask.. Are we still brethren?

In the same Church, we see units fighting units.

Organizations against organizations, departments against departments.

Competition in the pew, competition on the pulpit and confusion back stage.

The rumors of war we read in scripture, we now see it in the Church.

Are we Still brethren?

When I Post a ministerial picture, you say I’m showing off and making noise, are you the God I serve?

If I make an upload you say “he wants us to know they are now inviting him”

I don’t make an upload you say “proud man, he doesn’t want us to know they are inviting him”

Are we still brethren?

You spoke against me yesterday, you shake and call me “the great Apostle “ tomorrow.

You heard a rumor about me which you believed,  and you see me yet you smile and tell me “Keep up the good work”

What happened to telling me my wrong.. Are we still brethren?

We see mentors jealous of mentees

Mentees feeling on the same level with mentors

Fathers against sons

Sons afraid of fathers.. Are we still brethren?

Yesterday I saw you sir, I respected you, I told you the sin I’m struggling with, you prayed and gave prophecies.. How come I listened to your recent sermon and it was my story you used to preach. I was the bad example people shouldn’t follow.

Now my story is all over the place.. Sir, are we still brethren?

You say you pray for me in secret

But you make me a prey in public

You use your Spiritual gifts against another.

Instead of waiting on the Lord, you wait for me to fall so you can use it as a sermon. Are we still brethren?

Why is it so difficult for you my brother to share my messages?

Why is so difficult to let people know about the good works?

You fear giving your brother a chance to minister because your sphere will see him as more anointed than you.

Are we still brethren?

Some club houses are united than churches today

Even native doctors support their colleagues more than pastors support fellow clergy men.

The Dibia can give the other charm to help his community, but here you see a rising talent in your Church and you limit or kill it so that you will be the one that is most reverenced. Are we still brethren?

We want to blow before another person

O lord, we have taken power in our hands.

We are now our own god, yet we say “Praise the Lord”.

Only the influential are respected, the opinion of the upcoming  does not matter, dear God, I know you can see.

Someone is reading this post and is getting angry at me.

I’m not perfect, but I won’t keep shut.

Scripture section of James says “Confess your fault one to another “ 

But we edited ours and said “ Carry your Grudge one for another “

Are we still brethren, o Lord!

I know you are somewhere watching, maybe crying.

But help us Lord, none is perfect here

I know you want to marry a perfect Church.

Abba, help your Church!




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